A bit of Dutch Courage


I’ve just come back from Holland’s famous Floriade. I really didn’t know what to expect especially when I heard that the event only takes place every 10 years. The Floriade 2012 is sort of a horticultural expo that’s taking place this year in Venlo between April and October. It covers a huge expanse of landscaping with forests, lakes, lots of display areas in pavilions and wonderful of gardens including edible ones. It boasts a cable car service that takes you across the site so you can get an aerial view of the landscape. The event this year focuses more on a green experience than its previous supply-driven editions. A fact I’m not surprised at considering most are recognising that this is an area, which needs serious attention by businesses and consumers. It is working towards developing a platform for innovation, social responsible business and sustainability to meet the changes we face globally.  The ‘influencing food behaviour and change’ section certainly helps with sustainable development objectives. ‘ The House of Taste’ was wonderful with people encouraged to taste fresh fruits and vegetables. Young children are encouraged to cook snacks with fresh food Children learning to cook – Floriade 2012

With sustainability being a major theme the numerous inventive vertical-planting schemes on display were very innovative and encouraging especially if you live in a city or don’t have much of a garden. Making sure nothing goes to waste the events entrance arch will one day be home to innovative sustainable agribusiness, while the carbon- neutral Flora exhibition hall will become the “greenest office block in Holland”.

By Lily Barton – RSA Fellow

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