Bread – grab the world and shout!

Writing about an old and delightful Watermill in Cumbria from memory whilst sitting at my desk on a wet and blustery night on the Pennines isn’t without its frustrations.  The memory of the rhythmic  thumping of wood hitting wood is still fresh. Fresh as peoples appetite for artisan bread today.

The hunger for home produce and Britain’s changing taste in bread has seen a rise in the demand for traditional flour. I went, with a colleague, to see how flour was produced from British wheat earlier this summer at Little Salkeld Mill.  Nick Jones from the Mill talked us through the process and pointed out the different ingredients and nutrients of ground wheat.

Personally I like a full-flavoured brown bread because they tend to be firm, dense and nutty to taste.  However we were lucky enough to taste a variety of delicious breads with a bowl of home made soup all of which they sell in their tearoom.

According to the Traditional Cornmillers Guild its membership has more than doubled since 1987.  It promotes artisan flour milling by wind or water power and represents some of the UK’s finest mills that produce high quality flours.  Roughly 4,500 small craft bakeries in the UK help sell 12 million loaves each day with 12 per cent of people baking at home.  Think I’ll join the 12% and try my hand at baking during the coming winter months. – Lily Barton

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