Northern Launch: The Centre for Citizenship & Community

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

RSA Fellows are warmly invited to the Northern Launch of the Centre for Citizenship and Community. Join Centre Director, Professor David Morris (Professor of Mental Health, Inclusion and Community at UCLan) and Steve Broome (Director of Research, RSA) to explore the vision, purpose and principles of how public services might engage with local communities to promote co-operation, equity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Through roundtable discussions, RSA fellows are invited to attend the launch and to explore how the Centre and the RSA fellowship can collaborate effectively on the Connected Communities agenda.

Established by UCLan and the RSA, with the Royal Society for Public Health and the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics, the Centre will provide support for policy, research, learning and local practice in community engagement and social inclusion.

The Centre will be guided by the practical approach set out by Connected Communities, a five year RSA/UCLan project that has piloted local interventions for achieving health, wellbeing and inclusion by enhancing the power of social networks.

The event is co-organised by the RSA NW Fellowship team.

Light refreshments provided & bar available.

Octagon Theatre
Howell Croft South


Click here for further information on the Centre visit.

Commenting on the Centre, Steve Broome, RSA Director of Research said:

“If we are to prosper, socially and economically, in the face if austerity, we need new ways of understanding, growing and mobilising the significant assets and relationships that exist in our communities, and in our public, voluntary and private sector institutions.  Further, we need to consider and work with our communities as networks and help to weave these networks to become more inclusive and socially productive.  The partnership we have developed in the new Centre for Citizenship and Community offers new ways to address these challenges and opportunities, and can help to transform how we design and deliver public services and social support.”

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