Crowdfunding comes to the RSA

Crowdfunding. Image: Nesta

Great news  –  the RSA has joined the worlds biggest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The RSA’s ‘curated area’ launches tomorrow…

Crowdfunding, in its simplest form, is a way to fund projects or ventures by seeking investments from many small contributions which are pooled to meet an investment target. An online platform or organisation usually supports the pooling of these investments. Projects supported through crowdfunding are wide ranging, from film and artist projects to community projects, like Shoreditch works, which successfully secured funding of £90,000 to open a modern day ‘village’ hall in Shoreditch. Often these projects might not attract funding from traditional financing sources.

With over 20 million unique visitors a month Kickstarter offers the opportunity for Fellows and projects to reach a wider audience demonstrating the amazing work we do up and down the country.

People will be able to pledge their support for projects by backing their favourite project with at least £20. Under Kickstarter’s rules, each project only receives the cash it raises if it hits its funding goal (if it fails, pledges are not collected from donors) so if you like a project please do make a pledge to help it reach its goal! All the projects are run by Fellows or RSA staff and can apply and will be assessed through the normal Catalyst process to make sure they are consistent with the RSA’s values. It’s important to note that the projects should also meet Kickstarter’s guidelines.

Why Crowdfunding & why kickstarter?

  • The wisdom of crowdfunding. Read RSA chief exec, Matthew Taylor’s blog post.
  • Why crowdfunding? Read Fellowship Councillor, Ed Whiting’s Blog post and his earlier blog post making the case for crowdfunding.
  • Why Kickstarter? Read Catalyst Programme manager, Alex Watson’s blog post.

What’s next?

To mark the RSA’s launch into the world of crowdfunding, an expert panel gathers on 16th September 2013 in London to consider the current and future challenges and opportunities for the sector. Whilst this event is sold out, you can watch it live and follow the hashtag. Details below:-

Crowdfunding – where next, how far, and what are the limits?

Monday 16 September 2013, 6pm BST

Twitter Logo Suggested hashtag for Twitter users: #RSACrowdfunding

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