Keep Calm Prepare for Change 2013

Last year’s annual event explored the pressures of climate change & alternative energy sources. This year, hosted @mcrmuseum, the focus was food glorious food. The event kicked off with networking, a speed seminar & debate, workshops & keynote from Vikki Heywood CBE, Chairman RSA.
  1. Taking place today @McrMuseum hosted by @UoM #KeepCalm13Food with great line up on debating panel @RSANW #TheRSA and #VikkiHeywood RSAChair
  2. Heading up to Manchester with the fab @LouMatter – looking forward to #keepcalm13food with @vivslf
  3. Mike Blackburn (Chair, Greater Manchester LEP) chairs a lively debate with short provocations on a strategic or micro challenge from a food perspective. Featuring… Broadcaster & cook, Prue Leith OBE, Julie Mills from Booths Supermarket Social entrepreneur, Chris Walsh from the Kindling Trust & Professor John Swarbrooke, Man Met.
  4. Debate chair for #KeepCalm13Food is Greater Manchester LEP chair Mike Blackburn @RSANW #TheRSA #FRSA @McrMuseum this afternoon
  5. Fascinating to hear #Pruleith on how Finland turned round food education & stroke rate #keepcalm13food…
  6. “@noveltyshoe: Can I just say… Prue Leith is in the room!!!! #keepcalm13food” and wasnt she fab !!
  7. On topic of food waste, Economist article on food surplus and deficit around the world… #keepcalm13food
  8. .@kindlingtrust Chris Walsh reconnecting growers, farmers & consumers by #socent distributn #keepcalm13food…
  9. Chris @kindlingtrust says get more of the money to farmers (not just to supermarkets) #keepcalm13food
  10. Pru Leith: everybody should stop eating so much meat – not entirely, but far less #keepcalm13food (hear hear!)
  11. Hearing from Julie Mills about the changing perception on how much of our income should go towards food #keepcalm13food
  12. #keepcalm13food Chris Walsh outlines strength of working with communities
  13. #Keepcalm13food John Swarbrooke talks about fun and joy about food delivering change
  14. Energetic discussions ranged from food education to obesity & reaching beyond the middle classes  – before moving onto workshops… on a food container farm with Jules Bagnoli & @unltd supporting social enterprise with Julie Nicholson & Nickala Torkington
  15. Grown on less than 100 watts (in darkness, under LED lights) – cress and pea shoots #keepcalm13food…
  16. Meanwhile… elsewhere, Nickala Torkington dispels the myths around social entrepreneurship…
  17. @UnLtd session at #Keepcalm13food outlining support not just funding but part of a family, with them for life…
  18. Vikky Heywood CBE, Chairman, RSA joins us with examples of how RSA supports 21st Century enlightment through the RSA fellowship…
  19. Vikki Heywood .@thersaorg shares passion for turning ideas into action #keepcalm13food…
  20. Night ends with networking & screening of .@noveltyshoe #FRSA feeding cities film: #keepcalm13food
  21. Check out new fellow, Caroline Ward (BBC Outreach) film exploring the challenge of how a city might feed itself in the wake of growing fuel costs, rising populations and other climate change related problems.
  22. An interesting & thought provoking evening at #Keepcalm13food in #Manchester, lots of great people & also spreading the @UnLtd love #socent
  23. An interesting & thought provoking evening at #Keepcalm13food in #Manchester, lots of great people & also spreading the @UnLtd love #socent
  24. & don’t forget how to get involved….
  25. Thanks for coming and don’t forget to follow the NW RSA online via the blog & twitter.

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