The Responsible Artist: Debate – storified

The Responsible Artist: Debate

A special event at the RSA in London for alumni of the University of Manchester, RSA fellows and friends. A panel debate addressing the question of the responsible artist: should an artist, the work they create and their actions hold a moral responsibility for their audiences and wider?

  1. MT @anotherrambler: Tonight @UoMLondon #responsibleartist: Should artist, their work & actions hold moral responsibility for audiences?
  2. Tonight at #responsibleartist we’re thinking about what moral responsibility artists & their work might hold for audiences. A big question!
  3. At the Royal Society of Arts – University of Manchester #ResponsibleArtist
  4. Excited to be at #responsibleartist event this eve @theRSAorg. Fantastic panel lined up.
  5. Vikki Heywood introduces the panel… #responsibleartist … What’s one of them then??? #frsa over to .@JamesThomp
  6. @AlumniUoM: If you haven’t heard of @JamesThomp‘s @inplaceofwar project do pop over to their twitter account #ResponsibleArtist#frsa
  7. Social responsibility discussed across all disciplines but what does it mean when talk about it in arts & for artists? #ResponsibleArtist
  8. #ResponsibleArtist @theRSAorg artists in war zones responding to a situation or creating distraction #RSANW
  9. Are artists being more responsible by reacting TO a situation, or by distracting FROM it? #responsibleartist #theRSA
  10. Panellists asked themselves in advance whether they are responsible artists. #ResponsibleArtist
  11. Anneke introduces idea of working in public and private spaces and women’s role in both #ResponsibleArtist
  12. Anneke invokes mirror as device in artistic practice – has working with Bronte Museum in Haworth with deflected lasers #ResponsibleArtist
  13. Anneke suggests we are careful, but also irresponsible – work with technology and try and break it. #ResponsibleArtist
  14. .@JamesThomp asks what are limits to artists’ freedom to respond in contemporary British society #ResponsibleArtist
  15. @JamesThomp brings out the topic of trust and whether #responsibleartist need to develop it @RSANW @theRSAorg @AlumniUoM
  16. Hearing now from composer Olly Fox who suggests he is here to ask more questions than he can answer tonight #ResponsibleArtist
  17. Does the artist provide a mirror to society’s ills or a means to forget them? Olly says he tries to do both. #ResponsibleArtist
  18. Olly suggests you can be responsible by the choices you make it what and who you work on and with #ResponsibleArtist
  19. Olly says music is an emotional response to world – a way to glue together chapters of a story and take emotional energy #ResponsibleArtist
  20. Olly says music is never about him – describes himself as an empty vessel for inner voice of a play or story #ResponsibleArtist
  21. @AlumniUoM: Olly describes how the genre you work in matters to social responsibility #ResponsibleArtist#frsa
  22. Olly says artists don’t set out to be responsible but may choose to be. #ResponsibleArtist
  23. Artists don’t necessarily set out to be #responsibleartist always people/team in background, so notion of freedom is curious @theRSAorg
  24. It’s such treat to hear from practitioners how they grapple with issues of freedom & social responsibility in their work #ResponsibleArtist
  25. @AlumniUoM: Respect your audience adds Olly, and don’t dupe them. #ResponsibleArtist#frsa #thersa @theRSAorg
  26. .@jessicaknappett is a comedian, a writer and an actor who graduated from @MHCentre in 2007 #ResponsibleArtist
  27. .@jessicaknappett says comedians like every artist have something to say that they are compelled to express #ResponsibleArtist
  28. .@MHCentre has fostered impressive list of comedians who changed comedy #ResponsibleArtist
  29. Comedy – has to be divorced from responsibility – it provides distraction – Jessica Knappet #ResponsibleArtist @theRSAorg #RSANW
  30. What!? No climate change? #responsibleartist panel sticks to entertaining & distracting the masses #frsa
  31. @erinmaochu: What!? No climate change? #responsibleartist panel sticks to entertaining & distracting the masses #frsa” sounds like a Q
  32. @AlumniUoM: .@JamesThomp suggests constraint is key to artistic creativity and can be key to their success #ResponsibleArtist” SO SPOT ON
  33. .@JamesThomp suggests that limits make work stronger. Anneke responds that limits are not always where you expect them #ResponsibleArtist
  34. What a shame that none of the speakers @RSA talk do not consider themselves responsible artists. #WastedOpportunity #ResponsibleArtist
  35. Hmm socially #responsibleartist …. run that by me again… #frsa not quite grasping the concept
  36. First question is about reinterpreting classic works of western literature in the light of Edward Said and orientalism #ResponsibleArtist
  37. Next question brings in #britten100 and Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem for Coventry Cathedral #ResponsibleArtist
  38. Great q: have artists left us the audience behind? Do artists have responsibility to provide steps for us to follow? #ResponsibleArtist
  39. Question on idea of temporal responsibility in artist creating art for that instance or for posterity #ResponsibleArtist
  40. “You are only responsible the second you have the idea” #ResponsibleArtist
  41. Some fascinating questions at the #ResponsibleArtist event tonight. #theRSA
  42. Olly says responsibility to audience or to himself is constant battle. He confesses to being worst editor of his work #ResponsibleArtist
  43. .@jessicaknappett says responsibility of comedian is to make audience laugh, but first write something you find funny #ResponsibleArtist
  44. Art like academia asks more questions than it answers – one way it exercises its responsibility #ResponsibleArtist
  45. Thank you to our panel tonight @JamesThomp @jessicaknappett Olly Fox and Anneke Pettican #ResponsibleArtist
  46. Special thanks to all the tweeters on #ResponsibleArtist tonight too.
  47. Fun evening at #responsibleartist @thersaorg tonight and even had a go on @alumniuom. Less fun being on last train home though.
  48. @AlumniUoM excellent,thoughtful,thought provoking event #responsibleartist at the RSA.Manchester London = winning combination.
  49. Oh, and thanks to the #responsibleartist audience for not swearing even once allowed to 😉

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