Perspectivity Manchester, 28 Nov 2013, 18.30 – 21.30


Thursday 28th November 2013

Venue: TAKK Cafe (@takkmcr), 6 Tariff St, Manchester, M1 2FF
(3 mins from Piccadilly train station)

Register online:

In Brief

1. Meet Some People

2. Play a Board Game

3. Talk About It

Places are limited!

Perspectivity is a board game, run by a facilitator, that allows you to manage a country’s economic growth through an era of rapid change.

In less than an hour you’ll have designed and implemented a game plan with five other countries. You’ll have negotiated economic and environmental crises and guessed what your neighbouring countries are up to. In your effort to maximise revenues will you be surprised, frustrated or, ultimately, win?

What are the dynamics that influence the game? Where does trust come from? Who is playing by the rules? What strategies seem to work?

Come along to play at being politician or CEO, to learn new skills, meet new people and most of all, to have fun!

From my point of view Perspectivity is more than a game as after playing, it left me with a bittersweet taste and loads of thoughts about the actions we took during the game which reflects the very same nature of the reality we’re living right now 😦

— Luis, The Generator, Exeter

Who Else has Played?

World Bank, Devon Council, Cambridge University, London School of Economics, PwC, Shell International, Manchester Business School, DSM Global Products, The RSA, Exeter College and many more have caught the bug.

Can’t make the date?

Still can’t make it?  Drop NW fellow, Dharmesh an email to keep informed of future sessions.

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