Talk Social Enterprise, 21 Nov, 17.00 – 19.30, Manchester

Thursday, 21st November,  17.00 – 19.30

Venue:  Ernst & Young Offices, 100 Barbirolli Square, Manchester, M2 3EY

Register here online:

It’s Global Enterpreneurship week. The Manchester network have joined forces with Unltd to talk social enterprise.

Come and join us for some great conversations and a few drinks and nibbles with UnLtd Award Winners, social entrepreneurs, mentors, volunteers, supporters and RSA Fellows from across the North West to talk ‘social enterprise!’ This is an opportunity to meet new people, share ideas, learn from others and make worthwhile connections.
But this not a one off affair, the next Manchester Social Entrepreneurs event with UnLtd is in January 2014. And, next week, NW Fellow, Dharmesh Mistry is running ‘Perspectivity‘, a social game to give insights into running a global economy.
About UnLTD:
UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs. UnLtd’s mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live. We call these people social entrepreneurs. We believe that individuals have the potential to make positive change in the world around them. We are a unique and dynamic organisation, helping people create change at grass-roots level where it really makes a difference. We are the world’s largest network of it’s kind supporting around 1,000 entrepreneurs each year.

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