Event: Better food Wirral community conference – 10th April 2014

wirral event


Date: 10th April 2014

Tranmere Rovers Football Club

Prenton Road West Birkenhead CH42 9PY

Come along to Wirral’s first ever Better Food Wirral Community Conference and be part of creating a vision for a Wirral Food Plan. The conference will provide a great opportunity for you to refresh your understanding of the issues linked to food poverty and to the local food system, in order to identify a set of priority areas that will form the basis of a vision.

Register here.

Note: This event was posted on behalf of Matt Gott FRSA. Please contact organisers via the registration link for further info.

Follow news from the event on twitter: @BettrFoodWirral

One response to “Event: Better food Wirral community conference – 10th April 2014

  1. This has the potential to be a great event. Public health is a huge issue in Wirral (in parts of which male life expectancy is lower than in North Korea). I can’t be there but am in spirit. I would make several points: ‘food poverty’ is poverty; unless there is a political will to do something to reverse the blight of recent years (rather than to continue waging war on poor people) we will never overcome the problem. So let’s be honest about the direction and motives of political and economic policy. Further we can’t have PFI in the NHS (60% of hospital food is thrown away, the result of cheap contracts bundled into expensive out-sourcing deals making fortunes for those holding the purse; and hospital corridors full of vending machines selling poison) and we can’t have schools without kitchens and catering staff. And local authority planning and licensing departments have been party to the coarsening, cheapening, blighting of our high streets and town centres so that loan sharks, gambling, fast food and alcohol outlets have elbowed out the possibility of decent affordable food. It would be patronising simply to proclaim “let them dig allotments/have cookery lessons/eat veg”; we need a revolution.

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