Buxton Open Dinner great success

As many of you will know the Buxton Fellows network has been hosting a series of education discussion evenings with dinner for several years now. They have been successfully bringing together Fellows and none fellows, friends and colleagues to debate and discuss key education issues linked to RSA programs. The last of a five programme series championed by Richard Lindley was held last Friday.

The evening was a resounding success chaired by RSA Council member Jenny Bland with the main speaker Baroness Estelle Morris, patron to the Derbyshire Arts Educational Charity First Taste, giving a stimulating talk on ‘Education and the older people in the 4th Age of life’. The topic continued after dinner in the University lecture hall when Baroness Estelle Morris introduced local RSA fellow, Andrea Walker-Patrick, an ambassador for the charity. Expanding on the project, educationally based arts and holistic programmes developed and delivered by First Taste Charity over 17 years into care venues throughout Derbyshire; giving a literal meaning to Life Long Learning. Outcomes have proved astounding.


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