Perspectivity @MMU shifts perspectives


MMU host the RSA Manchester Network to engage Fellows through a climate change board game!

[Perspectivity] could be the essence of how MMU could make sustainability relevant to all faculties and students.” Head of Environmental Strategy, MMU

An excellent tool to bring relevance to the sustainability agenda across all levels.” RSA NW Chair

RSA Fellows from academia, arts and industry came together to participate in the Perspectivity game. The diversity of participants was reflected in the way the game played out with contrasting scores. Teams were tasked to grow their economies through a period of rapid change and uncertainty. Participants started with caution and as the rounds progressed they learned more about the effect of their actions and of others. The game provided a shared experience for a engaging conversation which looked at the challenge of finding shared purpose amongst diverse stakeholders, exploring how richer objectives beyond a profit motive support more sustainable growth and highlighted the important role that each individual’s values, assumptions and goals play in to the effectiveness of a system.

Perspectivity believes that inspired dialogue and self reflective learning are needed to unleash our collective creativity to face the challenges of our increasingly complex, diverse and interdependent world. We are keen to develop a network of trained facilitators in the North West of England to enable organisations to take a systemic approach to addressing their challenges.

Please contact if you would like to get involved, be trained as a facilitator and have potential organisations who will benefit from engagement through the game.

Dharmesh Mistry



One response to “Perspectivity @MMU shifts perspectives

  1. There has been a discussion on the RSA Linkin group about Picketty’s book on 21st Century capital and we talked about Rawl’s difference principle when considering how much inequality is justifiable: social and economic inequalities are to be arranged so that they are to be of the greatest benefit to the least-advantaged members of society.


We saw this principle in action last week when we played the Perspectivity Game.

    We had enough people to set up two boards and comparing the outcome of the two games was very instructive.

The aim of the game was to maximize revenue. In one game everybody generated about the same amount of revenue. In the other game, the highest revenue was more that 2.5 times better than in the first game and even the worst performance was just better than the best performance in the first game.


One of the benefits of the game is the discussion which follows. We talked about how different behaviour gave such different results. We also started to think about which world we would prefer to be in: poor but equal or rich and unequal where the worst off is better off than the best in the poor world. It is worth pointing out that the richer world also had a higher well-being quotient!


I would recommend having a go at the game. The game rules are simple but in 2.5 hours you can experience how you and others deal with a range of complex issues. Much better than just talking about it.

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