There are three ways fellows can get support in developing social change projects. Before you consider applying for actual funding to support your initiative, its important to find other fellows who can contribute and get behind your idea.

1.Find people that can help out on your project or share ideas

  • attend regional or national meetings
  • connect with other fellows online
  • register with the skills bank and find people who can help you

2. Apply for RSA Catalyst funding

RSA Catalyst provides money and expertise to Fellow-led ideas that aim to have a positive social impact. It gives £100,000 every year to projects and ventures, and connects them to support from within the Fellowship. Find out more here.

3. Apply for RSA NW Venture funding

The NW region has established a Venture Fund providing funding to help Fellows get their initiative started.

  • Grants are available between £250 to £1000 maximum per application
  • The proposed activity should include strong positive social focus, aim for tangible and measurable results, and involve and engage with other RSA Fellows
  • Applicants must be current Fellows of the RSA

Please email us to get a copy of the application form so we can get in touch to discuss your application.

4. Explore past projects that have been supported.

  • The RSA now supports crowdfunding of Catalyst projects via kickstarter, visit the projects.
  • See how your idea connects to RSA action research centre projects

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