New RSA North West team in place

RSA fellowshipVoting for new Chairs and Fellowship Councillors ended on 5 October after all Fellows had been sent via the Fellowship newsletter information as to who was standing and where. The North West Chair (elected) Rod Hyde and North West Council (elected) Stephen Parry were uncontested. And our last term’s Fellowship Councillor Erinma Ochu was voted in, with the most votes, as one of the seven At Large Fellowship Councillors.

We wish to congratulate all three and wish them a successful term in office.

The outgoing Chair Lily Barton’s stated: “It has been a privilege to Chair the North West region for over two years and now it is time for me to step down. I am pleased to have introduced the annual Keep Calm Prepare for Change event and to steer the region towards the RSA’s new core mission to ’empower people to be capable, active participants in creating the world we want to live in’. Globally, we are only just at the beginning of an unprecedented scale of change and challenge and thus we need to gather together to contribute creatively to them.”

“I would like to thank the North West Regional Team for their support, advice and friendship over the period. I look forward to continuing being an active regional RSA Fellow and to the opportunities ahead to work with others who share the same values. Rod Hyde, I’m delighted to say, will take over for the next two years and with his vast experience and commitment he will, I’m sure, lead the region to bigger and better things.”

Both Rod Hyde the new Chair and Stephen Parry the regions new Fellowship Councillor message to the region was:

Congratulations to Lily who has had a very successful two years as chair and we are keen to build on this success. In November we are holding the third Keep Calm conference and will work, with Lily, to make this an annual event.

We will be implementing the recommendations of the feasibility study on hubs and make spaces in the region. The emphasis will be on doing rather than talking. So if you have a project that reflect RSA priorities (link to Dev plan) and would like some help, we would love to hear from you.

We will also by building on the other work started by the NW team, for instance the Liverpool Survey to explore what new and established Fellows want us to do to make the best of their involvement.


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